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Interview with Quinn Connell of the MVP Tackling Dummy

Aug 14, 2017   |   All About Circuits

The MVP|Drive tackling dummy is a device designed to take a literal beating. Founding engineer Quinn Connell spoke with AAC about iterative prototyping, crowdfunding, and the power of having a cause.

Quinn Connell '13 Th'14
Quinn Connell '13 Th'14

"The MVP Drive is an RC tackling dummy designed to reduce the need for consistent impacts for players during contact sports practice," writes AAC.

"Mobile Virtual Player started with Coach Buddy Teevens of Dartmouth football who determined that tackling during practice exposed his players to needless dangers. He turned to mechanical engineering students at Thayer School of Engineering, Quinn Connell and Elliot Kastner, to develop a dummy that could be controlled by a coach on the sidelines to limit tackling during practice.

"Quinn, now VP of Engineering for Mobile Virtual Player, spoke with AAC about the process of designing, testing, and launching a device so rugged that it can withstand a literal football team's worth of tackles."

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