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Internet use decreases privacy, Davidow says

Oct 05, 2011   |   by Lindsay Ellis   |   The Dartmouth

Overconnectivity—an unintended consequence of society’s internet use—has created widespread problems such as stock market volatility and the decrease of online privacy, according to Bill Davidow ’57 Th’58, a venture capitalist with over 30 years’ experience in the technology industry. Davidow spoke Tuesday in a lecture, “OVERconnected: The Promise and Threat of the Internet,” to an audience of approximately 95 people in Spanos Auditorium.

The 2008 world economic crisis, revolts throughout the Middle East and the release of thousands of documents into the public domain were all made “more viral” in today’s overconnected, internet-driven world, Davidow said.

“The internet has added a fourth dimension to our lives,” Davidow said. “The high priests of our society, regulators and government officials and the individuals do not realize the implications of that fourth dimension.”

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