Dec 07, 2023   |   Dartmouth News

Dartmouth Hosts First International Vaccine Conference

Attended by more than 200 people, the conference included talks by Thayer Senior Lecturer and Conference Co-Chair Kendall Hoyt, and Professor of Engineering Margie Ackerman.

Dec 05, 2023 | Dartmouth News

Dartmouth Joins International AI Alliance


Why Rural Americans Are (and Aren't) Adopting Renewable Energy

Professor Erin Mayfield is quoted about her study of a correlation between the adoption of clean energy tech in rural areas and a few key demographic factors. "We were able to find that adoption of these technologies is highly related to income [and education]," Mayfield said.

Nov 22, 2023

Working Nation

One Ivy League college hopes to broaden career access with the first online master’s degree in engineering program

Dean Alexis Abramson is featured highlighting Dartmouth's partnership with Coursera to launch a fully online MEng degree. "We have a distinctive approach...We attract a lot of women and historically marginalized populations to the engineering program...and really wanted to reach a broader audience."

Nov 09, 2023

The Dartmouth

Transportation Services to expand electric vehicle initiatives

Professor Vikrant Vaze is quoted in a story about initiatives to increase electric vehicle usage on campus. "I think [EVs] are challenging right now [due to] the costs involved. You can't just ask a lay person to put in the $50,000 or $100,000 and then buy a new car. There has to be other ways of incentivizing this."

Oct 23, 2023


Women Leaders at Six Top Research Universities Urge More Diversity in Semiconductor Workforce

Dean Alexis Abramson is featured in an article about the EDGE Consortium, an initiative aimed at increasing diversity in microelectronics, being launched by the women presidents and engineering deans at six universities. "We wanted people with a real commitment to increasing diversity," Abramson said.

Oct 20, 2023

Research Quick Takes

ACS Appl Electron Mater cover

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Andrew Closson Th'23, Research Associate Zhe Xu, Daniella Kubiak '20, Billy Jin Th'23, and Professor John Zhang are co-authors of "All-Electrospun Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting for Leadless Pacemakers" published in ACS Applied Electronic Materials, with an image by Thayer Graphic Designer Patricio Sarzosa accepted for the cover.

Adelaide Cagle presenting

Global Conference on Osseointegration

Hixon Lab member and PhD Innovation fellow (surgical track) Adelaide Cagle attended the Global Collaborative Congress on Osseointegration in Charlotte, NC. Hers was chosen from a large group of abstracts for an oral presentation entitled "Tissue-Engineered Combination Construct for Osseointegration Support" and complimented as one of the best presentations at the conference.

Hydrogels and cryogels arranged as a function of percent MH.

Manuka Honey for Wound Healing

Karina Mitchell '23 is first-author on a paper published in Gels on a standard of practice for incorporating the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey into tissue-engineered scaffolds and evaluating biofilm reduction. Co-authors include research assistant Sreejith Panicker and Calista Adler '26.

Adelaide Cagle with her poster

Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting

The Hixon Lab attended the national Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. PhD student Peter Bertone and Research Assistant Sree Panicker gave oral presentations on bone oncology and electrically-stimulated bone formation, respectively. PhD students Adelaide Cagle and Levi Olevsky gave poster presentations on dermal adhesion and craniofacial reconstruction, respectively.

metastructure architecture design

Metastructure-Based Pressure Sensors

PhD students Huan Zhao and Julia Huddy, and professors Yan Li and Will Scheideler are coauthors of "Rational Design of 3D-Printed Metastructure-Based Pressure Sensors" published in Advanced Engineering Materials. The study found that metastructure architecture design can lead to substantial expansion of the sensing range. The practical application of this technology was demonstrated in an undergraduate ENGS 33 bridge project.

Professor Vikrant Vaze at the INFORMS annual meeting in Phoenix.

Best Paper Award

Professor Vikrant Vaze received the INFORMS AAS Best Paper Award this week at the INFORMS annual meeting in Phoenix. The paper entitled, "Choice-Based Airline Schedule Design and Fleet Assignment: A Decomposition Approach," proposes a "decomposition approach based on partitioning the flight network into smaller subnetworks by exploiting weak dependencies in network structure."

Magnet phase progression graphic

Advancing Sustainable Magnets

The Baker and Hautier research groups co-authored, "The phase transformation behavior of Mn-Al rare-earth-free permanent magnets" published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. Authors include PhD students Thomas Keller and Dylan Barbagallo, and postdocs Tushar Ghosh and Natalya Sheremetyeva, along with professors Geoffroy Hautier and Ian Baker. The study presents an "alternative to high-performance rare-earth permanent magnets for use in electric motors and devices."

Atomic geometry graphic

Advancing Materials Science

New publications from the Hautier Research Group include "First-principles study of intrinsic and hydrogen point defects in the earth-abundant photovoltaic absorber Zn3P2" published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A and authored by postdoc researchers Zhenkun Yuan and Yihuang Xiong, and Professor Geoffroy Hautier. Xiong and Hautier are also co-authors of "Strong electron-phonon coupling driven pseudogap modulation and density-wave fluctuations in a correlated polar metal" published in Nature Communications.

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