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How Sim Shagaya revolutionalised the traditional method of commerce in Nigeria

Sep 04, 2019   |   Nairametrics

"At a time in Nigeria, there was a need for a revolution in the country’s commercial industry," writes Nairametrics. "This was probably what [Simdul Shagaya Th'99] had in mind when he founded, an e-commerce platform that changed the traditional method of shopping in the country and in Africa at large.

"Though Nigeria was an emerging market for e-Commerce, Shagaya arguably led an unprecedented e-Commerce boom that paved the way for the next Internet wave the country experienced.

... "He graduated from George Washington University, Washington DC with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Electrical Engineering. He proceeded to obtain a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Dartmouth, and later obtained an MBA from Harvard University, Boston Massachusetts in 2003.

... "Earlier this year, the erudite entrepreneur announced the launching of his latest project, uLesson, a platform that makes learning more individual-oriented, thus helping students maximise learning individually."

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