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How 'Rudy' the robot helps Brebeuf learn tackling

Sep 11, 2017   |   The Indianapolis Star

"Brebeuf Jesuit High School football is using an 'MVP mobile dummy' tackling robot at practices," reports The Indianapolis Star, "in an effort to reduce concussions and potential injuries."

“'Rudy' will never catch a pass, make a tackle or score a touchdown, but could become one of Brebeuf’s most valuable players. The remote control-powered tackling dummy is the brainchild of Dartmouth College engineers, designed to reduce injuries and simulate game situations.

"The 'Mobile Virtual Player' comes along at a time when concussion awareness is at an all-time high at all levels of football. Seven NFL teams used the 'MVP' last year and a growing number of professional and college teams are utilizing the technology this season."

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