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How Foreign-Born Students Fill America's Demand for Skilled Workers

Sep 12, 2018   |   Valley News

"The tricycles of their twin 4-year-old children, Ziva and Kelvin, rest on the front lawn of their home in a tidy neighborhood in West Lebanon," writes the Valley News. "The twins’ mother is Zita Ficko, a native of Slovakia and 2012 graduate of Dartmouth College’s Geisel School of Medicine who is close to completing her residency in urology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Their father, Brad Ficko, is a Canadian with a doctorate from Dartmouth who works at a bioengineering technology startup in the Upper Valley.

"Zita and Brad Ficko are a perfect example of how foreign-born students (especially in fields such as in engineering and medicine) are helping to meet the demand by American employers for highly skilled workers. ...

"Brad Ficko got a doctorate in biomedical engineering at Dartmouth while on a student visa. Then, partly because he was a STEM student (one who is studying the highly valued topics of science, technology, engineering or math), he was able to extend his stay and work under a temporary after-graduation visa program. He then switched to yet another visa program, chosen on the advice of the couple’s immigration lawyer. His next step is to obtain, with the support of his employer, a green card for permanent residency."

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