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How a Decade of Platforms Has Upended the Global Economy

Jul 12, 2022   |   Medium

Digital platforms have transformed firms, workers, and the economy. MIT Platform Strategy Summit leaders explain why — and what's next.

"Platforms beat pipelines. Network effects power platforms. By 2016, when the book Platform Revolution, by Geoffrey Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne, and Sangeet Paul Choudary, was released, these phrases were beginning to resonate with savvy digital marketers. But it was only a few years earlier that startups with disruptive business models for sharing homes, rides, and resumes were still in their infancy. That's why the MIT Platform Strategy Summit — quietly launched in 2013 — was revolutionary in its own right, and is still innovating and tracking trends during upturns, the pandemic, and political upheaval," reports Medium.

"The 2022 Summit on July 14 marks its 10th anniversary as a go-to source of information, analysis, and forecasts about the rapid-fire changes caused by the firmly established platform economy. MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy content director, Paula Klein, asked Summit co-chairs, Parker, Van Alstyne, and Peter C, Evans, to look back — and also ahead — to explain the trends and to offer their perspectives on this transformative market."

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