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High Water Mark LLC: Native, Woman-Owned Business Protects Water as Tribal Cultural Property

Dec 08, 2020   |   Native Business

"Since Phoebe Suina [’98 Th’99 Th’01] (San Felipe / Cochiti) founded Native- and woman-owned High Water Mark LLC, in 2013, she and her elite team have managed to make a big impact on environmental engineering across the southwest Pueblos," reports Native Business.

"Her business handles hazard management and emergency management, though Suina is particularly passionate about defending water resources and addressing surface and groundwater issues. In short, she’s fired up about Tribal water rights."

..."'I love water! I love and appreciate and respect the many facets of water,' exclaimed Suina.

"Her enthusiasm is endearing, and it’s backed up by credibility: three Ivy League engineering degrees (two B.S.’s, one M.S.) from Dartmouth College, plus professional experience at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

"'It’s really neat how water basically exemplifies all engineering disciplines — electrical, mechanical, chemical, systems,' she continued. 'How water moves, how water flows — water’s chemical and physical attributes — encompass all of that. The program I was in required me to have a taste of all other specialties, and I was having real trouble in electrical engineering. I could not grasp electrical engineering until I had a hydraulics class the next semester. Then it all made sense. It was a matter of different nomenclature. But now that I have the background in water, I can understand electrical and other disciplines because I can translate it into hydraulic language.'"

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