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Hidden gems: Lesser known departments at Dartmouth

Aug 22, 2017   |   The Dartmouth

"When there are over 50 majors and minors provided, choosing a discipline to concentrate in can be difficult," reports The Dartmouth. "Beyond traditional biology, English and history majors are a variety of programs unique to the College that may encourage students to think broadly and bring them to far ends of the earth. ...

"... Thayer School of Engineering also offers a human-centered design minor, which focuses on innovation for addressing human needs. Prerequisites include 'Design Thinking' and 'Introduction to Engineering,' as well as upper-level courses that focus on ethnographic methods, human psychology and design electives. The human-centered design minor allows students to get a understanding of how to address societal needs through the lens of human behavior and interdisciplinary classes. In 'Design Thinking,' assignments often consist of observing everyday systems and objects and proposing solutions. The final project is a group project based around campus issues and involves qualitiative research."

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