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Helping Hands: Engineering a Better Cot for the Haven

Apr 25, 2019   |   The Dartmouth

"The Haven has worked with various groups of Dartmouth students on different projects in the past, but Nat Healy ’20 discovered the Haven while searching for a project during the winter of 2018 for ENGS 21, 'Introduction to Engineering.'" writes The Dartmouth. "He said he and his team recognized the Haven’s potential to be a Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering (DHE) project.

"When the DHE team asked [Sara Kobylenski, former director of the Haven] about problems faced by the Haven, she mentioned that the cots in the seasonal shelter that they started in 2014 after the economic recession had harmful effects on the community. ...

... "[Jennifer Fontaine, the current director of operations at the Haven] has been impressed with the zeal of the Dartmouth engineers. 'They’re all young and creative and into problem solving.'"

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