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Heard of the CIS? Meet the First QIS

May 23, 2021   |   EE Times

"A company that may be relatively unknown to most outside the imaging field recently announced its first products. The Gigajot team invented and has been developing quanta image sensors (QIS) since well before the company was founded in 2017. The QIS acronym will sound a little like the much more familiar CIS or CMOS image sensor. This is the evolution (or perhaps a revolution) of CMOS image sensors, a truly ubiquitous technology," reports EE Times.

"Gigajot was co-founded by researchers Saleh Masoodian and Jiaju Ma in a spinoff from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

"Massoodian and Ma were PhD students mentored by another company principal who is known to even the most casual of imaging technology buffs and non-techies as well. [Dartmouth Engineering Professor] Eric R. Fossum recently received an Emmy for his work in the development of image sensors and appears on the company’s list of advisors along with Ron Adner."

..."Although acknowledged as the inventor of the active pixel sensor technology that forms the basis of most of today’s detectors, Eric Fossum is ever careful to recognize others for the achievement of the current state-of-the-art of digital imaging: 'Where it is today is the result of the input from thousands of engineers from different companies who’ve contributed towards where we are now.'"

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