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Greenland is losing ice at fastest rate in 350 years

Dec 17, 2018   |   Nature

Vast ice sheet's dramatic transformation revealed by ice cores, satellite data and climate models.

"Ice melt across Greenland is accelerating, and the volume of meltwater running into the ocean has reached levels that are probably unprecedented in seven or eight millennia," writes Nature. "The findings, drawn from ice cores stretching back almost 350 years, show a sharp spike in melting over the past two decades. ...

..."'I think the acceleration is the bell-ringer here,' says Mary Albert, [an engineering professor] at Dartmouth who co-authored an earlier study suggesting that the record 2012 melt was exacerbated by black-carbon air pollution from forest fires. When the dark particles landed on the ice, they absorbed heat from the Sun and warmed Greenland, her analysis found. And with both forest fires and temperatures projected to increase in the coming decades, the danger to Earth’s cryosphere — or icy regions — will only grow, she says.

"'Climate change is impacting the cryosphere much sooner than we thought, and the impact is much larger than we thought,' she says. 'And that is not comforting.'"

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