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Grab a seat as the Bay Area dance scene springs back to life

Mar 16, 2022   |   San Francisco Chronicle

"Like his urgent, rapid-fire dances, Robert Moses' creative energies never seem to rest," reports the San Francisco Chronicle. "His works, premiered at the Black Choreographers Festival, and then with his company, founded 27 years ago, often explore, in a compellingly frank way, his experience of race in America. During the pandemic he released a film of 'The Soft Solace of a Slightly Descended Lost Life (Suck It),' based on a long, poetic text that laid bare his rage and exhaustion at news reports of yet more Black Americans killed by police. 'Soft Solace' now makes its way to live performance, where it includes an immersive environment with hanging sculptures by Eugene Korsunskiy and projections by Ian Winters."

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