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Government touts importance of integrating the Azores in the project SuperDARN

Jan 25, 2012   |   Azores Government

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The SuperDARN Project, "in terms of bilateral relations between the Region and the United States under the Agreement on Cooperation and Defence between Portugal and the USA, is an excellent example because their development has been fast unlike some others who exist in this area."

The statement is the Secretary of the Presidency and was handed down yesterday in the evening, outside the hearing of the International Network of Prosecutors Radar for the Study of Earth's upper atmosphere with the Secretaries of the Regional Chair of Science, Technology and Equipment held in the Palace of Conceição, in Ponta Delgada.

In the context of development of this "important" science project, André Bradford stressed the "perfect environment in your appreciation of the geostrategic position of the Azores," stressing that "such recovery to the Government of the Azores, derives not only from its military importance, but a vision that must be versatile with the dimension of science and technology, sectoral area that currently is in line with the purposes of development that the Government has for the region."

SuperDarn meeting (l to r) Mike Ruohoniemi of Virginia Tech, Professor Simon Shepherd, and U.S. Consul Rafael Perez meet with members of the Azores Government.

Andrew Bradford considered that the meeting with the leaders of SuperDARN project was an important step in the work are being developed, and added that "the project could be realized in the medium term, thus strengthening the cooperation component that seeks to develop under the Agreement on Cooperation and Defence between Portugal and the United States."

Noting that "it takes a clear consequence, effective and positive for the Azores, the fact that there is a tradition of cooperation with the United States," the Secretary of the Presidency recalls that "the extent of this cooperation through the development of such projects is sometimes forgotten when dealing with issues related to the U.S. presence in the Azores and this is -- believes -- a way to show and remember that there is a whole other side related to the positive development of the Azores."

The Regional Secretary for Science, Technology and Equipment, in turn, highlighted the merits of project development that integrates the Azores in the International Radar for the Study of Earth's upper atmosphere for its "importance to the field of climatology" highlighting the "capital gains will have connection to the University of the Azores and research centers that are there."

José Contente also stressed "the importance of scientific training to the development of this project will provide in the future and, as already happens on the island of St. Mary, the presence and contact with scientists from other parts of the world that are related to such projects."

The Azores, according to this member of the Azorean Government, "need to follow the movement of the knowledge society and therefore we believe that this kind of project will bring benefits to society of knowledge in the Azores, the qualification of which may be formed in this movement and also the University of the Azores that will surely a leading role in harnessing the knowledge generated."

The Regional Secretary for Science and Technology also considered especially important that the Azores integrate this kind of projects because, as stated, "whenever we get outside we lose important opportunities for the Azores." Therefore, it "is essential to integrate and participate in projects leveraged in high-tech engineering and advanced research because you have to win the Azores in general and particularly its university and participating in the Azores."

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