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Formula racers earn top finishes

May 04, 2012   |   by Zack Doherty   |   The Dartmouth

After four days of racing and testing, the Dartmouth Formula Racing team walked away with several top finishes at the 2012 Formula Hybrid Competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, N.H.

The Dartmouth team, consisting of 15 students, competed in the hybrid competitions. Dartmouth placed first in marketing, fifth in acceleration, sixth in design, seventh in autocross and fifth overall, a strong finish compared to previous years’ results, team captain Graham Keggi ’12 said.

“We’re really excited about how we did,” Keggi said. “Our overall place is similar to previous years, but this year’s competition had a lot more cars actually running. I think the reason we were so successful was that we had one of the best groups of people working on the car.”

The entire competition is open to undergraduate and graduate engineering students and features both electric and electric-hybrid race cars, according to Thayer School of Engineering professor John Collier, an advisor for the team. Electric cars run on a battery or capacitor, while electric-hybrid cars also run on combustible fuel.

The competition is open to universities nationally and internationally. Overall, 39 teams registered for the competition, and countries including Brazil, Canada, Spain and Taiwan were represented.

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