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Formula Hybrid races highlight technical car designs and future job prospects

May 06, 2017   |   Concord Monitor

"Teams from colleges around the world are racing hybrid or electric cars that they’ve built from scratch because it’s cool and interesting and educational ... and excellent resume material," writes the Concord Monitor.

"'Getting recruited wasn’t the whole purpose – but it is a great opportunity to talk to professionals in the industry, find out what it’s like,' said Margaux LeBlanc, who was one of the captains of Dartmouth’s Formula Hybrid team last year and now works for General Motors as an associate systems engineer in electrified vehicles.

"GM is one of several car companies that help sponsor Formula Hybrid and openly troll the speedway for up-and-coming engineers, project managers and mechanics."

U Vic 2016
University of Victoria — the 2016 winner of Formula Hybrid.

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