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Forget Tesla: You Can Get to Work Even Faster in This Vehicle (for Just $98,000)

Apr 26, 2023   |   TheStreet

Quotes Professor Vikrant Vaze about a study he co-authored on urban aerial mobility.

"'Vikrant Vaze, a professor at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, said that 'technologies already exist to build and fly the kinds of vehicles that could ferry people throughout urban areas as part of a normal routines.'" reports TheStreet.

"'But the big challenges center on conceiving and creating the kind of transportation infrastructure, systems and protocols that would enable the safe and smooth transition to urban aerial mobility,' he said in a statement.

"'The challenge will be to create dedicated infrastructure for vehicles to take off and land,' Vaze said. 'We will need to establish flying lanes and "roads" not far different from today's transportation systems built around paved roads on land, shipping lanes in the ocean, or air corridors used by aircraft.'"

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