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Ex-Astronaut Launches Training Kit for Coping with Self-Isolation

Apr 06, 2020   |   The Guardian

"A former Nasa astronaut, Jay Buckey, has launched an online self-help toolkit aimed at replicating the kind of training designed to help astronauts cope with confinement in small spaces for extended periods," reports The Guardian.

“'It’s challenging to be isolated with a small group of people and to not be able to get away,' said Buckey, who flew on a 16-day Space Shuttle Columbia mission that orbited the Earth 256 times. 'Outer space and your own living room might be drastically different physically, but emotionally the stressors can be the same.'

"The online training, called the Dartmouth Path Program, was developed to determine how the space programme can manage pressures brought on by long-duration spaceflight. It is already being tested in extreme environments such as research stations in Antarctica, but since social distancing restrictions came into force it has been made freely available to the public online." ...

"...Keeping a balance between group time and private time is crucial, he said. 'You need to allow people their privacy but not to allow them to become isolated and separated from a group,' he said. 'If someone’s spending all their time in their room with their door closed, that’s not great. Forcing people to take part in group activities that they’re just not into – that’s not good either.'"

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