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Engineering Students Build Hybrid and Electric Cars at Formula Hybrid

May 23, 2017   |   GoodCall

"Where do the world’s largest auto makers go to recruit the best employees? Many attend the Formula Hybrid Competition that takes place each spring at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway," writes GoodCall to begin an extensive article about "the Dartmouth University-sponsored event."

Director of Formula Hybrid, Doug Fraser, is quoted:

"Formula Hybrid is an educational program that requires engineering students to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries — primarily the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering...To design a successful hybrid powertrain, the outputs from the electric motors and gasoline engines must be ‘blended’ to propel a vehicle forward, and to do that, engineers from different disciplines must negotiate the areas where the electric motors and gasoline engines combine.

“Today’s engineers must be ‘multi-lingual’ — they must be able to understand and appreciate the characteristics of the systems being created by their peers in the other disciplines...Many engineering programs educate engineers in only one discipline, but Formula Hybrid forces them to work across multiple fields.”

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