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Dismantling White Supremacy in Design Classrooms: My Conversation With Design Guru Cheryl D. Miller

Sep 02, 2020   |   Medium

"I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ways in which my teaching practices might be reinforcing White supremacy," writes Dartmouth Engineering Professor Eugene Korsunskiy in a Medium article.

"In particular, I’ve been thinking about how graphic design advice that I share in my classes — advice that I thought to be 'neutral' and 'benign' — may serve to exclude and oppress BIPOC students."

..."Our brains tend to equate the familiar with the good. So if all you see is work by White designers, then that’s what calibrates your taste of what constitutes 'good' design. Consider: if your whole life you only listened to music by Mozart and Vivaldi, what would you think the first time you heard a song by Lizzo or Metallica? Your brain might not even code it as 'music.'

"A great way to make sure I’m not falling into this trap is to intentionally seek out work by BIPOC designers and add it to my mental/visual rolodex. That way, my intuition and my taste can grow and mature, and I can still develop a sense of what’s good and what’s bad, but this sense can become divorced from a White-centric aesthetic."

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