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Dartmouth Study Models Bioenergy Scenarios With Major Climate Benefits

Aug 31, 2020   |   NHPR

"Researchers at Dartmouth College have published a new analysis on how current and future uses of plant-based energy could be a key solution to climate change," reports NHPR.

"The study looks at bioenergy and biofuels, which can come from all kinds of plants, including grass, trees, corn or algae."

..."In an interview, [Dartmouth Engineering Professor and co-author Lee] Lynd says this is important new information for climate policymakers – but they’ll need to be deliberate in how they apply it."

..."'We can get mitigation with biofuels, but we need to pay attention,' Lynd says. 'Don’t count on that being guaranteed; don’t count on that happening by accident.'"

..."'The blessing and the curse of bioenergy is that it’s kind of connected to everything,' Lynd says. 'It’s connected to environment, to energy, to agriculture, to habitat, to carbon storage, to economic development, et cetera.'"

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