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Dartmouth Study Finds Renewable Energy Upgrades Make Grid More Resilient

May 24, 2021   |   NHPR

"A Dartmouth study has modeled for the first time that renewable energy upgrades will make the nation's power grid more resilient," reports NHPR.

"Researchers modeled a grid with an influx of three innovations: distributed generation like rooftop solar, a kind of localized power system shortcut known as a meshed grid, and energy storage.

"The study is the first to find that these emissions-cutting technologies will also make the power system more able to keep operating through disruptions."

..."[Dartmouth Engineering Professor Amro] Farid says the key reason the technologies he studied can improve grid resilience is that they tend to be installed close to the point of consumption – on the homes or in the neighborhoods where they're used.

"'Really one way to interpret this paper is, buy local,' Farid said."

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