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Dartmouth researcher close to new MRSA busting drug

Oct 14, 2020   |   New Hampshire Union Leader

"The Dartmouth engineering professor [Karl Griswold] is close to bioengineering a class of drugs that can fight MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant infections, in part by being able to trick the human immune system using biotechnology to reengineer proteins," reports the New Hampshire Union Leader in an article about Griswold's research.

"'Biotech is going to reshape how we come to terms with this,' Griswold said.

"Staphylococcus aureus, or S. aureus, is a growing problem in New Hampshire and in hospitals throughout the country, according to DHHS. The infections are common in hospitals, nursing homes, gymnasiums, athletic training rooms. They are also common to people who misuse intravenous drugs.

"The problem with S. aureus is it can adapt and evolve quickly, staying a step ahead of the medications used to treat it.

"'It’s a frightening evolutionary arms race between the human immune system and pathogens,' he said."

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