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Dartmouth Formula Racing gears up for competition

Apr 24, 2018   |   The Dartmouth

"Next week, the Dartmouth Formula Racing (DFR) team will compete in an annual Formula Hybrid competition in Loudon at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway against U.S. and international universities," writes The Dartmouth.

... "According to DFR project management captain Alex Newman ’19, DFR members design and build a Formula-style racecar with an open wheel and open cockpit design to be raced against other teams’ cars each year. The Formula Hybrid competition differs from the standard SAE International racecar competition because teams have to create a gasoline-electric hybrid instead of a purely gasoline-powered vehicle.

"'What makes formula hybrid special is that you not only have the engine and the typical vehicle dynamics that you’d have on an FSAE team, but you also have the added challenge of the high voltage system that has to be safe and professionally wired,' Newman said.

"In preparation for the annual competition, DFR members begin designing a new racecar each fall, McDermott said.

"After designing the car, DFR members usually begin the fabrication stage during the winter. While building their car, Newman explained that DFR members 'learn a lot of practical skills that you might not in engineering classes until way down the line.'"

Dartmouth Formula Racing 2018
The Dartmouth Formula Racing team performs initial testing in the Fall of 2017. (Photo by Juan Rosales '20)

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