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Dartmouth Engineers Prepare for Project in Greenland

Dec 03, 2019   |   US News

"Ask Mary Albert about the $2.6 million renewable energy project she’s preparing to lead in northwest Greenland over the next four years, and the Dartmouth engineering professor will tell you she’s not really the boss," writes US News.

"Rather, she’s following the lead of the indigenous Greenlanders who told her years ago they could not afford, for much longer, the diesel fuel and the carbon-dependent technologies they use for travel and home heating and lighting — even if climate change weren’t melting the 660,000-square-mile ice sheet blanketing most of their high-Arctic territory of Denmark.

"'It was their idea,' Albert, who teaches at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering, said last week. 'They invited me. This is not me trying to impose foreign research on their lifestyle. This is called stakeholder-driven science. It’s driven by their values and their needs, and their desires for the future.'"

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