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Dartmouth Details Thayer Expansion

Nov 01, 2018   |   Valley News

"The team behind a proposed $200 million expansion of the west end of the Dartmouth College campus answered questions from the Planning Board and the public about how the community might be affected by changes to traffic, noise and light levels," reported the Valley News.

..."The bulk of the project will take place high above Wheelock Street, where a timeline calls for excavation for a three-level, 348-space underground parking garage to begin in January. The garage would accompany a new 160,000-square-foot expansion of the Thayer School of Engineering. Thayer Drive, which currently serves as a through street for cars accessing farther reaches of the campus, would instead end at the new garage. Cars that want to access the far reaches of the campus would need to use Old Tuck Drive, a street a little farther downhill on West Wheelock which would be reopened to shift that traffic to the campus periphery.

"Planners said that shifting traffic from Thayer Drive to Old Tuck Drive would be a major step forward in a master plan that envisions a west campus that sees only minimal traffic for special events and emergencies."

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