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Dartmouth welcomes fellows from Africa

Jul 22, 2014   |   WCAX

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A new program brings cultures and continents together at Dartmouth College.

Hailing from 19 different countries, 25 young leaders from Africa are spending six weeks at the Ivy League School. It is part of President Obama's "Young African Leaders Initiative."

The fellows are taking business and engineering classes, participating in community service, and taking field trips to Burlington and Boston. The goal is to share information and ideas that the Africans can take with them back to their native countries

"It is shared experience. Learning from people who have actually made it and understand the challenges we have back home. It is a two way platform for us to share experience and borrow from the experienced people here," said Chedie Ngulu, fellow.

"it is a multi-cultural exchange on many levels, so it's not just and experience in the United States for them but also there is this cultural experience with their fellows from across the continent. So they are learning much more about where they are from but also other perspectives from their continent from their peers," said Amy Newcomb, Dickey Center.

The six week fellowship will end with a trip to Washington where they will meet with President Obama. There are 500 fellows at 20 different institutions across the country taking part.

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