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Dartmouth Collaborative Could Make Tech More Accessible

Feb 18, 2020   |   New Hampshire Union Leader

"If your cellphone gets smaller, or the prices drop on electric vehicles, or spacecraft have new ways to be powered, it may be thanks to the efforts of Dartmouth researchers," reports the New Hampshire Union Leader.

“'It could make everything across all different applications, electric vehicles, solar power, laptop computers, all of those things less expensive and smaller,' said Charles Sullivan.

"Sullivan, a Thayer Engineering School professor, is on the team of a new National Science Foundation (NSF) collaboration between researchers and businesses to work on the future of power electronics.

"Dartmouth’s Thayer School is the leading research site for the new Power Management Integration Center. Sullivan said the collaboration is going to be driven by companies like General Electric Research, Analog Devices, Empower Semiconductor, and Ampt on working out more efficient ways to develop power electronics."

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