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Dartmouth Classmates Form Diagnostic Startup

Sep 18, 2020   |   New Hampshire Union Leader

This article about nanopathdx, a startup company led by a Dartmouth Engineering student and alumna, is part of the New Hampshire Union Leader's 2020 Innovators section.

“'When we were going in the lab together, we realized our work was extremely complimentary,' [Amogha] Tadimety said.

"The new diagnostic tool [Tadimety and Dartmouth Engineering PhD candidate Alison Burklund] developed could have the ability to take a sample from a patient and get a diagnosis within minutes. Burklund said their technology would be able to filter out the typical 'noise' in the patient sample and find the biomarkers of the illness.

"Tadimety and Burklund started their company, nanopathdx, with the intention of using the technology to diagnose cancer, but then the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. They soon realized that their diagnostic tools could bring a real impact in the fight against the pandemic.

“'With this infection, being quick is really useful,' Burklund said."

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