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Dartmouth Alum Will Make Olympic History with Team Puerto Rico

Apr 22, 2021   |   NBC5

"Dartmouth College basketball alum Isalys Quiñones [’19 Th’20] is from California; however she will be representing team Puerto Rico in Tokyo - the nation’s first-ever Olympic appearance in women’s basketball," reports NBC5.

"Isalys Quiñones was raised on the hardwood in the United States – crossing up the competition from a young age. Hoops took her from Dartmouth to representing Puerto Rico, her parents’ home country, for her a cultural homecoming."

..."'What does it mean to you to be a part of the first Puerto Rican team go hoop in the Olympics?' NBC5 asked.

"'I mean, it's so cool. It really is so cool. I am still shocked. I don’t want to get too excited because anything can happen, but to be going to the Olympics and being the first team to do that. To set the stage for all the little Puerto Rican girls out there who are working hard playing basketball, it’s just so cool,' Quiñones said."

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