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Comics Are For Kids? This Vermont College Begs to Differ

Apr 02, 2020   |   The Christian Science Monitor

"Today, visual storytelling is everywhere, from online comic strips and anime to graphic novels and richly-illustrated children’s books in libraries and bookstores," reports The Christian Science Monitor in an article about the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. ...

..."There’s a lot more openness from teachers and school officials to the idea of comics as an educational medium than there used to be, adds [CCS President and Co-Founder Michelle] Ollie."

"That exposure has also led to some unexpected partnerships, including one with Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering in 2016. Ms. Ollie, who has an engineering background and was a visiting scholar at Dartmouth, introduced Thayer faculty to CCS alum Katherine Roy, who drew a series of illustrations for a popular online course to explain complex engineering concepts."

“'I wanted to make engineering friendly and accessible,' says Vicki May, an engineering professor at Dartmouth. 'We’re only beginning to see the application of comics to help many different industries.'"

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