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Changing the Game: Simbex Evolves from Measuring Head Impacts to Developing a Variety of Medical Devices


May 30, 2017

Rick Greenwald
Professor Rick Greenwald

A feature story about Richard Greenwald Th'88, adjunct professor of engineering, and how he co-founded the medical device company Simbex. The article outlines Greenwald's role in the development of the Head Impact Telemetry System, which consists of film-thin microchip sensors placed in football helmets that measure the force of impacts to the head and relay the information to receiving equipment and computers where the data can be studied to assess the extent of the injury. The article also quotes Jon Lurie, professor of medicine, orthopaedics, and the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, who used the another Simbex product, ActiveStep, in a pilot study that found a nearly 30 percent decrease in falls in the three months following the period when ActiveStep was included in a patient's physical therapy program.

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