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Cerenkoscopy monitors breast treatments

Feb 09, 2015   |   Medical Physics Web

In its first clinical trial, Cerenkov radiation imaging of soft tissue, known as Cerenkoscopy, has been used to monitor patients receiving radiotherapy. Images were acquired continuously during treatment and used to detect intra-fractional patient and treatment beam positioning and respiratory motion in 12 women with breast cancer. The technique could complement or provide an alternative to conventional patient positioning and monitoring techniques (Phys. Med. Biol. 60 L1).

"Cerenkoscopy could be used with little operator input to monitor regular delivery and be used as a validation and record of delivery at each fraction," said senior investigator Brian Pogue of Dartmouth in Hanover, NH. By detecting changes in patient contour over a treatment course, such as weight loss or changes in tumour volume in head-and-neck patients, the technique could also inform decisions of whether to replan treatments, Pogue added.

Intra-fractional Cerenkoscopy imaging: Cerenkoscopy images were acquired continuously during treatment and are overlaid here on white-light images of the same anatomy.

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