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Calling All Snackers: Here Comes a Fitbit for Your Mouth

Jun 14, 2017   |   MIT Technology Review

Auracle uses a microphone to figure out when you’re eating, and researchers hope the technology could help provide data on diet and eating disorders.

"Researchers at Dartmouth and Clemson University have built a prototype of a headband-like device," reports MIT Technology Review... "Part of a project called Auracle, the gadget uses a microphone placed on the skin to capture sounds of mouth-related activities that are then analyzed to pinpoint when the wearer is eating—an activity that can be tricky to distinguish from things like talking or coughing.

"Ryan Halter, an assistant professor of engineering at Dartmouth and one of the leaders of the project, says that the researchers are aiming to shrink their prototype down to hearing-aid size so that it could fit behind the ear. ... 'People forget to write things down. People misconstrue what actually happened,' Halter says. 'This might provide more of a ground truth about someone’s eating behavior.'"

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