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CairnSurgical Aims to Improve Breast Cancer Surgery Results

Oct 16, 2021   |   New Hampshire Union Leader

"[Dr. Richard Barth] and a team of colleagues at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the Dartmouth College Thayer School of Engineering were researching means of improving breast cancer imaging and surgery when they realized it made absolutely no sense that practitioners do MRI breast imaging while a patient lies on their stomach, only to do the surgery while the patient is on their back.

"Breasts change shape with patient position — so why locate cancer in one position, then operate in another? The question seems so simple now, but it hadn't been asked prior.

"Out of the research came a white paper and the founding of Lebanon-based medical device company CairnSurgical, and its Breast Cancer Locator product, currently in clinical trials. The company's product is one of five finalists in the New Hampshire Tech Alliance's Product of the Year competition on Oct. 28.

"The Breast Cancer Locator combines a 3-D-printed, bra-like plastic form, customized for each individual patient, with a 3-D digital image of the patient’s breast and cancer location to help surgeons better locate and remove tumors."

..."CairnSurgical was founded in 2015 by Chief Medical Officer Richard Barth, M.D.; Chief Technical Officer Venkat Krishnaswamy, Ph.D.; and Keith Paulsen, Ph.D. In 2017, seasoned medical devices executive David Danielsen joined the team as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company through commercialization."

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