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Boundless Isn't Just Serving Students with Textbooks Anymore

Aug 19, 2014   |   by Lauren Landry   |   BostInno

Boundless founder and CEO Ariel Diaz '02 Th'04
Boundless founder and CEO Ariel Diaz '02 Th'04

The average college student shells out $1,200 annually just on textbooks. Although appalling, the sky-high sticker price has proven to be an advantage for Boston-based Boundless, which has grown to reach more than three million students and educators since advertisers started singing about last year's back to school season.

The company announced Tuesday, however, it's "not just serving students with textbooks anymore"; Boundless has "grown to serve the entire educational ecosystem."

The ed-tech startup has unveiled new software that allows individual authors to publish open textbooks anyone can access through Boundless. More than a dozen authors are already scheduled to add their textbooks to the company's library as part of the software's debut.

"Until now, there hasn't been a great way to publish educational content online," said Boundless Founder and CEO Ariel Diaz '02 Th'04 in a release. "Authors have options of PDFs, e-pubs and blogs, but none of these make the content simple to share or search."

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