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Biotech Business Builder Plans Incubator

Aug 28, 2021   |   Valley News

"Tillman Gerngross is best known as the iconoclast Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering professor who also has launched several Upper Valley biotech businesses worth, eh, a few hundreds of millions of dollars," reports the Valley News. "It's fair to say he spends much of his time traveling and dealing in rarified technology and business circles."

..."Now Gerngross has acquired another notable Upper Valley property: the former League of NH Craftsmen building on Lebanon Street in Hanover."

..."Gerngross, who paid $1.19 million for the three-floor, 5,369-square-foot building, said he and his wife, architect Sylvia Richards, see great potential in the property and plan a bottom-to-top renovation of the building, which will serve as a sort of combination 'family office' and 'incubator' brought together in a single place.

..."'I have a lot of companies and my chief of staff will be there,' Gerngross explained, adding that it will also serve as space for himself and others where teams can work on new companies. 'It's an interesting building but it needs a lot of help.'"

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