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As Antibiotic Resistance Builds, Dartmouth Research Works On an Alternative

Mar 03, 2020   |   Concord Monitor

"...I think of Thayer as a place where researchers work with software or steel rather than proteins and cells," writes Concord Monitor reporter David Brooks. "Very wrong, says Karl Griswold, an associate professor of engineering.

“'I came to Dartmouth specifically because of the Thayer School and the environment. There are world-famous biological engineers here,' Griswold said. 'There’s some really strong bioengineering component here; more specifically focused in the medical space on immunology and immuno-engineering.' ...

"...I talked to Griswold after learning of his lab’s work from a lecture he gave at UNH-Manchester, another Granite State location where biomedical research is taking off. He walked me through a whole category of medical research involving lysins, a type of enzyme produced by phages, which are viruses that attack cells.

"The phages inject lysins into cells of our body, where they 'chew up the wall from inside and cause the bacteria to explode' creating all sorts of havoc, Griswold said.

"What we want to do is use some lysins to attack cells of specific diseases rather than cells in our organs."

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