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Applying Artificial Intelligence to Chronic Disease Management

Sep 18, 2020   |   Health IT Analytics

"Researchers at Dartmouth Engineering are working to develop an artificial intelligence system, called the Pathway Hypothesis Knowledgebase (PHK), that analyzes patients’ clinical and genomic data and the relationship between biochemical pathways that drive cancer development," reports Health IT Analytics.

"The goal is to make PHK a transparent AI system so that the reasoning behind the computation is easily explainable to providers.

"'The PHK tool takes a lot of different sources of information, like clinical data and biomedical data, and it builds this knowledge base that shows how these sources fit together. That could be cause and effect, it could be correlation, but it explicitly shows how it combines the information,” said [Dartmouth Engineering Professor Eugene] Santos.

“'Ideally, the dream we have for the PHK tool is that it can start from any level and be able to derive how the human body works.'”

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