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Alternative Energy, Youth and Girl Power Fuel Entrants at 2017 Formula Hybrid Competition

May 25, 2017   |   Electronics360

A feature story about Dartmouth's Formula Hybrid Competition held earlier this month:

"The Formula Hybrid Competition has been held every year since 2006 and is unique in the fact that it has two competition fields, hybrid and electric," writes Electronics360. "Similar events typically focus on electric-only vehicles. This year’s competition drew teams from the United States, Canada and India, including a team composed entirely of female engineering students from the Rochester Institute of Technology...

"...The competition is arguably more engineering oriented than it is focused on racing. The teams must begin planning a new vehicle or upgrading their current vehicle almost a year in advance. The competition requires documentation submissions in the months leading up to the event, including a structural equivalency spreadsheet, project management plan, electrical layouts, failure modes and effects analyses, design and sustainability reports and more. Incomplete documentation results in a score penalty during the competition."

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