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Alexis Abramson and the Importance of Solidarity Within Science

Feb 13, 2020   |   Digital Future Society

"Alexis Abramson is the 13th dean of Thayer School. Prior to joining Dartmouth, she was the Milton and Tamar Maltz Professor of Energy Innovation at Case Western Reserve University and served as a director of the university’s Great Lakes Energy Institute focused on creating sustainable energy technology solutions," reports Digital Future Society in a Q&A feature with Abramson.

"...'I have had the pleasure of serving as Dean of Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth in Hanover, New Hampshire, since last summer. At Dartmouth, one of the world’s eminent learning institutions, we are fostering future technology and engineering leaders to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, like climate change and energy sustainability, while making innovative advances in fields such as biomedicine. My goal is to play a part in revolutionizing the education of our students to create 21st Century leaders who are technologically savvy while remaining focused on the human condition.

"...'Without communication, experts are unlikely to see their research resonate with the policy makers and industry titans that will help get their work out of the laboratory and into the hands of those that need it. In other words, technical expertise alone doesn’t compensate for a lack of power skills.

'Thanks to researchers, we already understand and have technology to combat some of the world’s biggest problems, but we also need to communicate and collaborate across cultures and international boundaries to take initiative and chart a path forward using all of our best ideas and assets. For this reason, at Dartmouth, the spirit of teamwork and problem-based learning are in our DNA. We tie coursework to real world applications so that our students are learning while pursuing solutions that aim to improve the human condition from all fronts.'"

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