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Apr 25, 2019   |   NH Business Review

"With 120 software, biotechnology and medical technology companies in the Upper Valley, a variety of stakeholders are energized to expand the region’s connection to the global industry of biomedical innovation," writes NH Business Review.

"'The economy of the Boston metropolitan area directly impacts us here,' said Lebanon City Manager Shaun Mulholland. 'Boston is the hub of medical research. We have Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth — we have the brain trust up here to move more of these businesses into the area.'...

..."'Without Dartmouth, there would be no activity,' summarized [Tillman] Gerngross. 'Academic standards are the nucleus by which new ideas and insight into basic science leads to these opportunities that some people are able to translate into other drugs or platforms. Why are things happening at Dartmouth? The answer is because there is Dartmouth and it’s able to attract people and attract the talent.'"

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