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A Curious Engineer Who Wears Many Hats

May 27, 2015   |   by Isa Goldberg   |   The Amherst Student

Dvij Bajpai
Photo courtesy of Dvij Bajpai '15

When Dvij Bajpai first introduced himself to me, he told me to pronounce his first name like, “Dvij, as in, in-DIVID-ual.” The word could not be more fitting. One would be hard-pressed to find a renaissance scholar as eclectic as Dvij Bajpai. While at Amherst, Bajpai has distinguished himself in fields as diverse as mathematics, physics, music, literature, engineering and art.

Growing Up in Mumbai

Growing up in Mumbai, India, Bajpai looked up to his older brother, Shail. Both Bajpai and his brother participated in an International Baccalaureate program in India. Shail attended Vassar College and participated in the Dartmouth dual degree engineering program. Bajpai later followed his brother in enrolling in the Dartmouth program, and spent his junior year studying engineering at Dartmouth. After graduating from Amherst, he will spend another year studying engineering at Dartmouth.

Shail “encouraged me to go to a liberal arts college and study math — he was also a math major,” Bajpai said. “And now I’m going to do electrical engineering as well. He’s a trailblazer for me. I have the benefit of his hindsight, which is really invaluable.” ...

Dartmouth and Beyond

... After graduating with a B.A. in mathematics from Amherst this May, Bajpai will go on to finish his engineering degree at Dartmouth. At some point in his career, he hopes to return to his native Mumbai to work on sustainable development. “I’m interested in engineering and sustainable development, but before I decide how I want to contribute to those fields, I still have decades of learning to do,” Bajpai said. “For now, I plan on going to grad school [and] keeping my eye out for mentors.”

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