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7 things in your daily life that you didn’t know were based on NASA innovations

Business Insider

December 6, 2016

By Louise Liu

Some everyday innovations as varied as a solid golf club and a high-quality selfie owe their existence to NASA technologies.

NASA published its 2017 edition of "Spinoff" — a profile of 50 commercial technologies originally designed for NASA missions and research.

Since 1976, NASA has published an annual document introducing run-of-the-mill items inspired by NASA innovations.

Here are seven of the most common objects on this year's list. ...

7. From space photography to selfies

Obama taking a selfie
BuzzFeed Motion Pictures/Screenshot

You are using NASA-derived technology when you take a picture with your smartphone.

A sensor adapted from complementary metal-oxide semiconductors was developed by NASA engineer Eric Fossum in the 1990s. Though the semiconductors have been used in computers for years, NASA says Fossum was the first person to successfully adapt it for picture-taking.

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