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3 Questions for Professor Eugene Korsunskiy on Design Thinking

May 09, 2019   |   Inside Higher Ed

"As a follow-up to When Design Thinking Sessions Are Good, They Are Wicked Good," writes Joshua Kim for Inside Higher Ed, "I asked professor Eugene Korsunskiy 3 questions:

"Q1. Help us understand you. You are a professor. You are a design thinking person. How do those two go together? How did this happen? If you were designing your career (if that is a thing), what does your academic career design look like?

"Q2. In When Design Thinking Sessions Are Good, They Are Wicked Good, I wrote about how I’m not a big fan of design thinking sessions, but am a big fan of how you run design thinking meetings. So what is it that you are doing that is different?

"Q3. What are some of the things about design thinking that everyone thinks they know, but that they actually get wrong?"

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