$20 million to boost NH tissue engineering & similar biomaterials development

Granite geek

September 18, 2018

David Brooks of the Concord Monitor writes about "a five-year EPSCoR project funded by the National Science Foundation to develop innovative approaches in the development of biomaterials, such as those used in implants and tissue engineering, which hold the potential to save patient lives and improve quality of life.

"The New Hampshire Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing of Biomaterials (NH BioMade) will support the rapidly growing New Hampshire biomaterials industry through knowledge generation, academic-industrial research partnerships, and workforce development, enabling rapid advancement in biomaterials design and manufacturing.

... "Brad Kinsey, professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and director of the UNH Center for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, will lead a team of scientists and engineers at UNH and Dartmouth to develop the novel biomaterials."

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