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12 Young Circular Economy Innovators

Jun 28, 2021   |   GreenBiz

Dartmouth Engineering PhD Innovation Fellow Teja Chatty's research is featured in GreenBiz.

"My research focuses on enabling the integration of sustainability in industry product development practice. I build methodological frameworks and computational tools to help tailor various sustainable design strategies (including circularity) to a company’s context, goals and workflow.

"'What if humans designed products and systems that celebrate an abundance of human creativity, culture and productivity? That are so intelligent and safe, our species leaves an ecological footprint to delight in, not lament?' Michael Braungart in this quote sums up the immense potential we hold to make life better for ourselves and for the planet, if we commit to changing the way we currently do things.

"The circular economy to me is a key avenue to achieve this vision of a greener, safer and more harmonious planet. I believe that we need a diverse coalition of people to solve the complex climate challenges that lie ahead."

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