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10 Popular Online STEM, Coding and Gaming Courses — All Are Taught by Women

Oct 28, 2020   |   Business Insider

"It probably comes as no surprise that there are fewer women working in STEM than men. According to the Women in STEM Workforce Index 2020 published by the UC San Diego Extension, only 1 in 4 STEM jobs are held by women, and they earn about $20,000 less a year than men in STEM roles," reports Business Insider.

"One way for women to break into STEM is education, but you don't necessarily need to go back to school or invest in an expensive degree. Online learning sites are an affordable and flexible way to teach yourself the foundations and get a feel for the industry, whether you're interested in STEM or other traditionally underrepresented fields like gaming."

... "With that in mind, we found some popular online courses that teach skills in development, game design, math, and more — all taught by female leaders who have achieved success in their fields."

... "Introduction to Complex Analysis"

... "The instructor: Dr. Petra Bonfert-Taylor was a mathematics professor at Wesleyan University until 2015 and is now an engineering professor at Dartmouth College. Though she originally intended to study computer science, she was drawn to mathematics after taking a course on complex analysis. Her other research interests lie in geometric function theory, hyperbolic geometry and the mathematics of medical imaging."

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