Mission & Goals


Thayer School’s Machine Shop is an instructional workshop serving students, researchers, and faculty. Teaching is our mission. We don’t make things. We make engineers.



  • Creating outstanding engineering workshops that support lecture topics.
  • Revealing the power of our workshops to make fantastic products.
  • Making our engineers comfortable, competent, and safe in a workshop environment.


Guiding Principles

  • Instructors are professional in appearance and demeanor.
  • Interpersonal relationships are collegial, respectful, and friendly.
  • Teaching takes many forms, including managing student design teams, providing opportunities for practicing skills, and training a student staff.
  • Collaborative and non-competitive, we share information.
  • Interdisciplinary, we draw useful skills from diverse fields.
  • We serve clients and measure our performance from their perspective.
  • Cross-functional, all of us do all jobs and work all shifts.
  • Everyone is responsible for safety in the workshops.
  • We embrace 5S principles of tidiness and workplace standardization.
  • We arrange our workspaces to promote ease of use, with instructional materials displayed at each site and additional training tutorials available online.