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Em Houck ’56 TT’58: I chair an accounting firm in St. Louis, and I am working on my second book. My first book, Go Huskies! Beat Felix the Cat!, was a collection of stories of why some of our high schools selected the mascots they did for their teams. Schools in all 50 states were covered, emphasizing unique names, such as Appleknockers and Corn Jerkers. The second book concentrates on Indiana alone, again using mascot choice to group schools together, but examining the history of 800 or so schools that have been closed as well as the 400-plus still open. This book is titled Hoosiers All, since no matter what name we choose for our teams, at the end of the day everyone in Indiana is a Hoosier. It will be published in August by Hawthorne Publishing.


Gib Myers ’64: I’m involved in growing a bison herd and acquiring land for a wildlife reserve in eastern Montana as the chair of the American Prairie Foundation.


Xiaolong “Dennis” Cai Th’88: After leaving Hanover in 1992, Emma and I worked for Texaco in Houston until August 2001. Then, with our two daughters, we moved to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, when I took an assignment with Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. We have enjoyed the expats’ lifestyle and many adventurous traveling opportunities to various parts of the world. Our older daughter recently returned to the United States for boarding school at Deerfield Academy, with the younger one following in two years.

Joyce Mechling Nagle Th’89: I have been a research engineer at U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory since 1989. I work in the area of decision analysis and stability operations.


Durward K. Sobek II ’91: You may be interested to know that a book I co-authored was published this year. It’s titled Understanding A3 Thinking and is published by Productivity Press.

April Whitescarver ’96: I’m a new lawyer now! I passed the bar in Virginia in February.

Heather Bartholf Harries Th’97: I am thrilled to introduce Ryan Tobias Harries, born May 17. He weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long. He joins me and my husband, David, and big sister Calista.

Johan Tegin Th’99: I was a project manager and design engineer at telecom company ADC’s Swedish laser business, which shut down. I’ve since been in the Ph.D. program at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology in cooperation with Orebro University. I successfully defended my thesis, “Tactile Grasping for Domestic Service Robots: Simulations, Experiments, and Hand Design,” in June. The faculty opponent was Rudiger Dillman from the University of Karlsruhe. I will stay at KTH Machine Design as a research assistant to continue research with robotic grasping and autonomous manipulation in domestic environments.

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